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Welcome True Lover!

It is no coincidence that you are here with us now... There is a higher guidance that is conspiring with you that is leading you to your destiny if you are willing to listen and show up.


And if you found us you are probably single, spiritual, and have the very sincere desire to find your True Love! Yes?

You have already followed your inner guidance by connecting with us here!

Christi and Francois Levannier

You may be wondering why you haven't been able to attract your True Love yet...

We believe that who we all are, at our core, is pure Light and Love. However, what seems to happen over time is that this True Self gets covered up by many things, such as limiting beliefs, unconscious thought patterns, fears, past hurts, traumas, and so on. Our being-ness becomes distorted, resulting in frustration and discouragement as our attempts to find Love continue to miss the mark. Without tools, we are at the mercy of this vortex of unconsciousness, and we wonder why we haven’t yet found our True Love.

We have created the True Love Magnet® program that is designed to help you reclaim your light and become your True Self: a clear and powerful Magnet constantly drawing in your True Love. It accomplishes this by giving you the tools and the support you need for your personal transformation, so that who you are aligns with what you want, and what you want aligns with who you are.

This is exciting because the intention is that you not only become a potent Magnet for your True Love, but you also make a radical internal shift that will transform your whole life. Imagine how much better all your relationships will be when you can access more clarity, peace, joy, and love within you!

The True Love Magnet® program is a simple three-step self study four month online course that includes video, recorded meditations and powerpacked processes, that will help you become an irresistable Magnet for your True Love!

Here is a sample video of our True Love story. The rest of the video is in the program.

So what's the secret recipe for becoming a True Love Magnet®? We've simplified it for you and we call it:

Spirit CPR®

Spirit CPR® is a cutting edge three-step approach to helping you become a magnet for your True Love.

These three steps came straight from Spirit, and here they are:

C – for Clearing whatever is in the way to you becoming a magnet for your True Love.

P – for Pro-activating your True Self.

R – for Receiving the Love that you've been waiting for.

For each of these three steps, the online course focuses on all aspects of your being; emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic, as well as your environment.

Our Renegade Program is a self-guided 4 month program that will take you through the necessary 3 steps to help you become a magnet for your True Love. The program consists of weekly modules that you will receive in your email inbox. The modules contain exercises, proven practices that are written, audio meditations, the full movie of our True Love story, as well as actual physical practices to help you to be Clear, Open, and Ready to receive your True Love. This is a great program in itself. Perfectly suited for self-motivated renegades.


4 easy payments of $247/month

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We are very excited to announce the launch of our October 30th 2018 group course: 'How to become a magnet for your True Love'. We will be taking a small group of spiritual singles who are committed to finding their True Love through this four-month online program, with bi-monthly group phone or computer calls. It is a rare opportunity to have Christi and Francois together assisting you every step of the way. You will also receive the additional invaluable support of an amazing group of like-minded people, who like you, are wanting True Love.

TRUE LOVE MAGNET® GROUP starting Tuesday October 30th 2018

4 easy payments of $497/month

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If you are interested in even more info, here is our earlier pre-Valentines Day tele-fun-class so you can tap into the True Love Magnet® field and actually experience what we are talking about:

Recording True Love Magnet® Tele-Fun-Class

Here are a some of the testimonials from True Lovers who just like you were eager to find their True Love and succeeded:

“Once I made the commitment to attend Christi and François' True Love Magnet® workshop on Valentine's Day, I was introduced to my True Love within a month. It's been 6 years now and it just keeps getting better... we truly fit!

If your desire is to bring in your True Love, I highly recommend letting Christi and François help you get out of your own way, so you can more fully align with your intention of calling in your match." – Jane Sanguinetti, California

“Before meeting with Christi and Francois, I had been single for four years. With them, I could physically feel the energy of their positivity, their clear intention of supporting me in finding my True Love. I was filled with a new energy of Joy, Peace and the Certainty that I would meet the right person soon.

Incredibly, one week later, I met my True Love! We got married, five years later we are very happy together, and we just welcomed to our family our very first baby! – Billie-Jo McDean, Australia

"Francois and Christi go way beyond the typical love coaching. This is deep work that really works. Their coaching process helped me to let go of everything that was getting in the way of me finding love, open myself to the love I want, and work with Spirit to bring my true love into my life. It worked!

Adrian  Sophie

I met Sophie in 2014 and we are deeply in love. I am so grateful!" – Adrian Klaphaak, Berkeley California

“For as long as I can remember, I had always dreamed about The One. The one person I would commit to in marriage down the line. As years went by, I was left discouraged. I never felt that I would find my so-called "soul mate." I had dated but never felt that spark that I saw in many other couples.

I met Christi and Francois, and knew that they were beyond special. I knew that I wanted a connection like theirs. What a better way but to seek guidance through them to find that partner! Within two weeks of working with them, I found him!!!

Danny and I have been together for over two years, and just got married four months ago. I am so lucky to have been guided to him with their help. Thank you so so much for helping me find my True Love!" – Alexa Denton, California

Alexa and Daniel Denton were married by Francois himself in October 2016.

This is the video of their wedding...

Alexa & Daniel / Villa Chanticleer from Baby Blue Film on Vimeo.

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Christi and Francois


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